How High Should a Home Weather Station be Placed?

How high should a home weather station be placed

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I was asked this question in a recent conversation – how high should a home weather station be placed?

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, but there is such a thing as a question that starts from bad assumptions.

The key here is to realise that there are two types of weather station.

  1. All-in-one weather station – combines sensors and digital display in one unit.
  2. Base station with remote sensors for gathering weather data.

On this site we try to steer people away from the all-in-one units as these tend to be cheap, inaccurate units. Because they are all-in-one, they can only monitor weather from where you position them.

They are only designed to be used indoors (we exclude specialist handheld professional gear). This means that while they can get a fair fix on changes in atmospheric pressure, they have zero chance of monitoring for external humidity, temperature or wind conditions.

For such devices, it doesn’t matter where you place them – they won’t get any better.

We do understand that some people see these as a way to get into home weather monitoring – we just ask that you do not spend too much on one of these because we are sure you will want to upgrade within weeks or even days of using one.

For a base station with remote sensors, the trick is to place each sensor in the location that leads to optimal data for whichever element of the weather that sensor is reading.

So for an anemometer you want full exposure to the wind. Position the anemometer as high as you can (to avoid turbulence from buildings) but make sure you can easily access the anemometer because you will have to replace the batteries every few months.

Other sensors work well on ground level (rain gauge) or at shoulder height (e.g. external hygrometer) so you can read the sensor’s own digital read-out.

So Where Should The Home Weather Station Be Placed?

See here for more on how to find the best general weather station locations.

The home weather station itself should be snugly warm and dry inside your house either table-top or wall-mounted for ease-of use.

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