Oregon Scientific WMR88 Review

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Oregon Scientific WMR88 Review

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The Oregon Scientific WMR88 Full Weather Station with USB Interface has only been available since October 2010. Since then it has taken the weather world by storm and established itself as a must-have weather station for keen home users.

This tremendous modern weather station for the home provides live localised weather information and a forecast more accurate than the general weather forecasts available from the media.

WMR88′s big bold display will provide you with temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors as well as rainfall, wind-speed and direction, and of course the forecast for upcoming weather. Barometric pressure is shown on bar graphs, and there’s even room on the display for current phase of the moon.

Wireless Sensors For Your Home Weather Station

One the many compelling reasons for selecting this particular weather station is the fact that all external sensors are wireless. This means no ugly mess of cables draped from your garden to a weather display inside. It also of course means that installation is far easier than with many other types of meteorological station. Each  external sensor communicates with the display unit via a radio link and with a hefty range of upto 330 feet it won’t restrict your options for a good location for those sensors. Establishing communications with the sensors is a simple matter of pressing a “search” button (just the same way that you set up a wireless keyboard).

The WMR88 is Also A Self-Adjusting Clock

The WMR88 also hosts a radio controlled clock for split-second accurate time for the UK and Europe. The central unit operates on either mains electricity or battery power – we’d recommend mains electricity for convenience, but if you cannot spare a socket or you take this to and from a holiday home, we found battery life quite reasonable.

Oregon Scientific WMR88 Bundled Remote Sensors

Oregon Scientific WMR88 bundled sensors

The Oregon Scientific WMR 88 comes bundled with the following three remote wireless sensors:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
  • Wind speed, Wind direction and Wind chill
  • Rain gauge

These can each be placed for optimal readings – the more spread the better (for more advice on sensor locations checkout our simple guide to choosing a good location). Each device relays its data automatically to the base unit for live readings as well as ongoing forecast. Note that it is possible to add an additional UV (ultra violet light) sensor – we discuss that sensor elsewhere, but for now it’s worth bearing in mind for adding sunlight-hours to the system’s forecasting data source.

Also included on the display are beautiful pictograms showing the forecast weather for the next 12 to 24 hours:

WMR88 Forecast Pictograms

The forecast weather display

As well as displays of pressure trends and a lovely phase of the moon image.

In case you want to extend your use of your very personal weather data, the WMR88 has a USB interface which we found works well for transferring the juicy raw sensor reading data to your PC. You can juggle the data and form additional more detailed forecasts using your own forecasting techniques.

Shipping weight for the Oregon Scientific WMR88 Wireless Weather Station and three bundled sensors is 3.2kg. The entire set comes provided in full retail packaging, making it the ideal gift for the weather buff in your family. Take a look at the manual here.

The Oregon WMR88 comes with a full one year guarantee for peace of mind and in our view is a terrific choice as a mid-level weather station for home.

Oregon Scientific WMR88 Features

  • Weather Forecast
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
  • Wind speed, Wind direction and Wind chill
  • Rain gauge
  • Max/Min temperature & humidity memory
  • Dew point temperature Bar graph to show history of Barometric pressure, Rainfall and UVI (UV sensor not included)
  • Upload data through USB port to PC
  • Radio controlled clock
  • Moon phase

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